Hedgehog interrupts Bad Company 2

I had a few games of Bad Company 2 yesterday. First of all with Mike and red_draggons and later on with Mike, Gavin and Ali. The games were great and I concentrated on burst firing the AN-94 a lot more and got my 4th gold star for that gun.

Near the end our our gaming session my wife came running into my office telling me to come downstairs. There was a hedgehog outside trying to eat the cat’s food! The poor fella never noticed Sooty asleep in the kennel next to the food and he was scared stiff! I took a few photos of him, and because there wasn’t anything we could do left him to his own devices.
When the game did end I took another look outside. The hedgehog had crawled into the space between the wall and the kennel. The cats were watching, so I scooped him up with a large plastic shovel into an empty bin, carried him out the gate and deposited him safely in the grassy ditch.

Back in the game I had been killed so I grabbed a quad bike and Gavin hopped on board. This was the final base in Valparasio and I drove the vehicle like a mad man. We bumped over rocks, flew into the air, down to the far right and up again, flying into the air on occasion before flanking the base. That was exhilarating! We took out a number of enemy. I knifed a sniper before heading over to Alpha and arming that. Took out a few defenders and got the crate! 250 points, thank you!

My KDR increased to 0.76, W/L ration is 1.40 and I’m level 24 now. I unlocked an engineer’s weapon too but can’t remember which one right now.

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  1. Great shot of the headgehog, even if it did cost you a life during game play. Those were great games last night and helped me level up pretty fast. The quad bit was excellent and gave us a great flanking position after.

    Probably the funniest part was doing the ammo drop for Mike. I didnt expect you to land the helicopter so I was going to drop some out the back, funny that we had to swim away again.

    I need to start recording some future games on the PS3.

    1. I had totally forgotten about that! I remember flying in low, and getting lower and lower, slowly heading towards the rock Mick was on and then suddenly I was out of the helicopter and it slid into the sea. I thought I could land on the rock of course. That was funny as hell though, wish we had a recording of that!

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