Batman Says No

The Fiscal Treaty approaches. Batman will vote NO and fight on against all odds.

Favourite part? Gilmore as Two Face, or the explanation for the Joker’s name. (via)

Humour Ireland

Nob Nation Adverts

Nob Nation or Gift Grub? Which is better? I prefer Gift Grub but I haven’t heard it in ages because of a change in our radio listening habits in the morning due to an early rising baby and slightly frazzled parents..

Anyway, Nob Nation is available as a podcast you can subscribe to, which is just as well. No need to listen to Gerry Ryan prattle on! 🙂
Here’s a recent episode, and one of their better ones. “The Nobs try their hands at making some well-known ads as well as some made-up ones”. Love that Penneys one!
Download the mp3 and enjoy!


Bill Cullen: Golden Apples

I heard (the real) Bill Cullen on Ray D’arcy’s show yesterday. He’s very funny but wow, what energy! Ray said he had to lie down and rest after talking to him! At the ages of 63 he wants to be the first Irishman (disputed in two comments in this link) into space and has already paid a deposit on his ticket. I heard he hopes to raise at least 1 million Euro for charity by doing this!

Ian Dempsey’s show just played an excellent Gift Grub taking the piss this morning. Listen for the repeat tomorrow morning if you missed it!

If you’re wondering what all this is about, take a look about the Internet for more..