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Nob Nation Adverts

Nob Nation or Gift Grub? Which is better? I prefer Gift Grub but I haven’t heard it in ages because of a change in our radio listening habits in the morning due to an early rising baby and slightly frazzled parents..

Anyway, Nob Nation is available as a podcast you can subscribe to, which is just as well. No need to listen to Gerry Ryan prattle on! 🙂
Here’s a recent episode, and one of their better ones. “The Nobs try their hands at making some well-known ads as well as some made-up ones”. Love that Penneys one!
Download the mp3 and enjoy!

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4 replies on “Nob Nation Adverts”

Nob wins the tiebreaker for me. When I hear Ian Demspey inanely forcing a chuckle when Daniel is reviewing Fair City, I want to shove red hot pokers in my eardrums. Well, that’s what I WANT to do, but I just turn off the radio instead. I don’t have any red hot pokers.

Nob nation really lets itself down with some of the characters terrible accents. For example john giles, jack charlton, roy, bill o herlihy to name a few. oliver should stick to the ones he does best like dunphy which is so accurate its scary

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