Ballintemple on Sullivan’s Quay.

If you go over to Google Maps and click on the location of the now demolished IDA building you’ll be told that you’re in Ballintemple, somewhere that is a few km to the east. A neat way to quickly get home if you happen to live in that area, but […]


Lots of Irish in Texas

After I found out that Waterford had moved to Kilkenny (thanks ILUG!) on Google Maps I became curious and searched for Blarney and found Blarney Stone Street in Tyler, Texas. Check out all the street names! You could travel all over Ireland by walking up and down a few streets […]


Put WordPress on the map

This WordPress Map on is nicely populated, but I’m feeling rather lonely on the WordPress MU one! Looks like I’m the only WordPress banner waving fanatic in Ireland. Come on everybody, add yourselves! 🙂 (via Barry)


Really ancient maps of Cork

Google Maps offer a glimpse into the past of Cork, but to really dive into the past try Yahoo Maps. That building in the marked circle is the old An Post Sorting Office on Eglinton Street. It was demolished at least 2 years ago, and was probably gone long before […]


Google Maps glimpse into the past

Google update their Maps service on a semi-regular basis but their images of Cork City are hopelessly out of date. The Elysian Building Site The Elysian will be a large 17 storey tower with offices, apartments, shopping centre, parking and gardens. It’s been years since that building site looked like […]


If the mountain won't come to Google

While posting yesterday’s photo I used Google Maps to find the name of the quay where it was taken. Unfortunately, the map wasn’t exactly correct. Google Maps put Patrick’s Hill down by the River Lee where Camden Place should be. Also, since when did Merchants Quay go across Christy Ring […]


My home from space

If I were in the house buying market it just got a little easier to spy on the neighbours of your possible new home. My added a satellite mapping service to their site which allows one to zoom in closer than other online maps, although I don’t think you’ll […]

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