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Shocked that my credit card number was stolen

Wow, this is one of things you never expect to happen to you. Linode, where this blog is hosted, recently emailed me saying my monthly payment had been denied and I should contact my bank. This morning I received a letter from the bank saying they had tried to call […]

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The EU Gravy Train

Irish MEP Kathy Sinnott and other MEPs filmed in Brussells at 7am on a Friday morning clocking in with bags packed. Oh dear. Kathy Sinnott, fresh faced and angry after 7 hours work overnight. Makes me wonder if I should have voted yes to Lisbon. Kathy Sinnott was looking for […]

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Bertie Ahern Jokes

It didn’t take long. Bertie Ahern, the Irish prime minister, announced his resignation yesterday and already the joke emails are pouring in. (Thanks Brian and Louise!) My own contributions: Sunday Times, December 23rd 2007. The Bertie score card above is from (but created by Brendan O’Connell), anyone want to […]

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Britney Spears and the Paps

I caught the last 20 minutes of Britney: Speared by the Paps on Sky 1 last week. It was a candid look into the world of the paparazzi who follow Britney Spears everywhere. Britney Spears has her own agenda and apparently laps up the attention and encourages the “photographers” but […]

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Thanks Arthur for all the great stories

I couldn’t possibly let today pass without noting that Arthur C. Clarke died yesterday at the age of 90. I read it first last night when Scott Beale twittered it and my first emotion was shock, and then of course sadness. I don’t know how many Saturday mornings I spent […]

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Three killed at Dunboy Castle

Three young men were killed today when their car fell into the water at Dunboy Castle just outside Castletownbere in Co Cork. Investigating gardaí say that the three local young men had been driving in the grounds of Dunboy Castle when their Ford Fiesta got stuck in grass close to […]

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