6 thoughts on “Bertie's score card

  1. No offense but just as a matter of fact(or pedantry, depending on your viewpoint), I came up with the idea and wrote the caption for all the top chumps. Frank designed and illustrated them but contrary to what he seems to want people to believe, there is no collective brain that comes up with ideas for bifsniff.com. And since I no longer have anything to do with the site, I do get a little irked when my work gets accredited to it and not me.

  2. “contrary to what he seems to want people to believe,”

    Yes, I go around telling everyone about the collective BifSniff brain, it has reached legendary status, akin to the Borg collective, and i don’t appreciate you dispelling the myth on such a public forum, thank you very much Brendan.

  3. Yes sorry about that, don’t like to burst your bubble. I hope I haven’t done too much damage to brand Bifsniff.

  4. That’s good to hear. The world shouldn’t want for informed film reviews and sporadic, loosely related links to other blogs.

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