Joe Six Pack

So, who is this “Joe Six Pack” that Sarah Palin keeps going on about? The Urban Dictionary says,

Average American moron, IQ 60, drinking beer, watching baseball and CNN, and believe everything his President says.

That isn’t the most flattering description of a demographic group. Who would willingly view themselves as a “Joe Six Pack” after reading that? Is there an Irish or British equivalent?

Anyway, I became curious after hearing another news report about American politics on Irish radio and found that Joe Six Pack really does exist! Joe dishes out the info on a range of topics and describes himself as, “America’s Most-Popular Divorced Dad”. Odd.

It turns out that Joe The Plumber exists too. They’re a plumbing company in Amarillo, Texas. I want one of their tshirts!

I’d love to see their stats. I wonder if the McCain/Palin campaign has sent much traffic to either site? Check out Palin as President for a humorous look at what Sarah Palin’s first day in the Oval Office might be like. Cracked me up.

So, who’s for a Brian Cowen tshirt? Or even an Enda Kenny tshirt? Can you imagine car bumper stickers with Cowen’s face? What would that do to the accident rate in the country?

5 thoughts on “Joe Six Pack

  1. Similar to BIFFO, yes.

    It’s more like a conservative working man. Joe Six Pack would tend to be white, blue collar and not live in a big city.

    In this election it’s a code word the Republicans are using to refer to working class whites who might be worried about a black president. The GOP has flirted with racism for decades – since Nixon’s Southern Strategy and that will continue until America finally sorts through its issues on race.

    A road America is further along than Ireland I’d point out.

  2. Dave – haha, except BIFFO is the leader here, but I guess he has to believe himself..

    Kevin – Ireland hasn’t had to deal with race issues for as long as the US has. You’d hardly see a non-white person here before the early 90’s but yeah, we’ve a lot to catch up on. There are some very racist Irish people about.

  3. Sarah Palin actually refers in public to a segment of the electorate as ‘Joe Six Pack’? Unbelievable.

  4. We most certainly do not watch CNN. All us racist hick Palin-supporters watch Fox News, ’cause that’s where Jesus gets his news. Fox tells us who to hate in ways that we can understand, without all them edumacated words.

    Yours sincerely and forever,

    P.S. And damn the Urban Dictionary for spreading their lies: I’ll bet they’re pals with Bill Ayers too!

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