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Britney Spears and the Paps

I caught the last 20 minutes of Britney: Speared by the Paps on Sky 1 last week. It was a candid look into the world of the paparazzi who follow Britney Spears everywhere. Britney Spears has her own agenda and apparently laps up the attention and encourages the “photographers” but how low do you have to sink to crave this attention? Sickening and weird.

If you’re wondering just how bad it is, watch this short clip which was featured in the show. Britney visits Rite Aid and she’s mobbed by paparazzi.

So, is anyone taking bets on how long Britney will survive under this constant onslaught? She was taken to hospital in January while Paparazzi waited for her ambulance after she refused to hand over her kids to Police. You don’t even need any training to do what these guy do. They just buy a decent DSLR, a powerful flash and point it in the right direction.

Is it worth it? What’s the payout for these guys?

Celebrity gossip magazines and websites say that they will pay $10,000 or more for an exclusive photograph of Britney – three times as much as for an image of Angelina Jolie, the next most bankable star.

I’ll happily live in obscurity and photograph unknown strangers for no money at all! 🙂