PSN: Leaving so soon?

The exodus has started. David started playing on Xbox 360 last night and even the Russian Badger has left the fair shores of PSN for the rough and tumble of XBL. Some retailers have reported that the number of PS3 machines traded in has increased dramatically. Many machines swapped for sparkling new Xbox 360s!

So, the end is nigh for PSN or is this just a (not so) minor blip in the life of an online console? (Please PSN, come back soon, if only so I can login to Steam and err, use my PC to play Portal 2…)

5 thoughts on “PSN: Leaving so soon?

  1. I have noticed a dramatic increase in spawn killers on BC2 in the last two weeks, and I honestly wonder if that’s related.

    I know spawn killing happens, I have been know take a tank on a joyride through an enemy base from time to time, but every game that I join these last two weeks has resulted in one heck of a battle to just get out of the base alive.

    Is spawn killing a common tactic amongst the PSN BC2 crowd?

    1. I think it’s just a coincidence but I don’t doubt there’ll be more players on Xbox after this little incident unless Sony does something serious to attract more people to the PS3!

  2. PSN is just about back up. There’s a quick update and you’ll need to change your password. The reboot is happening regionally, though. So, it might take another day or two (guessing).

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