New version posted. Will this fix your problem with mod_pagespeed?


P.S. Here’s the message I got:

We have just pushed a new set of binaries and updated build instructions. It fixes the following issues:

Issue 5: Incorrectly handling not-quoted font-family names with spaces
Issue 7: insert_img_dimensions not detecting existing dimensions
Issue 10: A whole lot of HTTPD processes
Issue 11: After installing module server becomes unusable
Issue 18: LogLevel seems to be ignored
Issue 25: Internal Server Error – Not actually an error
Issue 30: Very slow memory leak
Issue 33: Do not warn on “Invalid url relative to…”

The binary distribution files (deb and rpm) have been updated on the download page. These new binaries will not be auto-updated; you will need to download them and install manually to get the updates.

The open-source build instructions have been updated to match this binary distribution; in particular we recommend downloading from the branch rather than the trunk.

Old: gclient config
New: gclient config

Joshua Marantz
mod_pagespeed team