TIL to search date ranges in Google Photos

I learned something new about Google Photos. I can examine the photos taken between two dates by entering :YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD in the search box.

I have images going back more than twenty years in Google Photos so a way to view a selection of those images is really useful!

St Patrick’s Day, 2019

I haven’t been using Google Photos as much since they added space limitations, but this search will still be useful!

4 thoughts on “TIL to search date ranges in Google Photos

    1. For backup? I use Backblaze, which is why I share those “free months” posts every year or so, to encourage others to use them! IMO, Google Photos was never for backup.
      For keeping cloud copies of my photos, I now rely more on the Adobe Cloud. I have 380k photos there. That comes as part of my €144/year Lightroom/Photoshop subscription.

      Google Photos is still great for sharing photos. I use a Tasker recipe to move files out of DCIM/Camera, and create a resized copy in DCIM/Resized/. The resized version is only 1MP or 2MP. Max of about 400KB rather than a couple of megabytes for a 12MP image. That will make that remaining 9GB of space I have stretch a little further. 🙂

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