The Joy of Books

This video reminds me of that feeling walking into Waterstones or other book shop of the worlds waiting to be discovered on the bookshelves lining the walls and in the “3 for 2” piles of books displayed near the door.

I love reading, but I’ve hardly read a paperback in over 18 months. When you’ve found a great book it doesn’t matter what format the story is in. I do miss the book shop ritual though.

From one of the comments on that video:

I read, share, discuss, donate, gift and love my ebooks. So should you. Don’t hate only the latest incarnation of books. I imagine scroll-fetishists thought that bound folios were the work of the devil. Sigh.

(via Kathy Foley)

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Books

  1. That is an awesome video. I miss the old bookstores too, although i tried to read more paperbacks in the christmas time. The experience of reading an e-book on any kind of reader is not the same as holding a book in your own hands.

  2. I regularly drop off with the book, reading currently, still lying next to me. Fortunately, they never get crinkled. Even last night’s thick astronomy-pictures-book survived without damages.

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