Samsung’s floating keyboard flies high

This is neat. The Samsung keyboard on the Galaxy S4 can float over whatever app you’re typing on. The keyboard is slightly too small my fingers but that’s not really an issue as I swipe everything anyway.

One of the annoying things about using a popup keyboard is that the text box doesn’t always scroll up as the text his the bottom of the window. I just move the floating keyboard up to see what I’m typing when it’s floating.

I’ve typed all this post on it and it works well but I’ll have to check the other keyboards on my phone for this feature as the Samsung one isn’t my favourite. Touchpal X is what I usually use these days.

What’s your favourite Android keyboard? Do you tap or swipe?

7 thoughts on “Samsung’s floating keyboard flies high

  1. My favorite Android keyboard is the default Google Keyboard, and I use a mixture of swiping and tapping, usually tapping only when I’m sure the word won’t be recognized.

    For certain tasks (think terminal stuff), I’ll switch to Hacker’s Keyboard, which has a desktop-like layout. Due to the tiny keys, it’s best used in landscape mode on a phone, or in either orientation on a tablet.

  2. I’ve been on SwiftKey for ages now and am very content with it. Swiping and normal typing both work well and there’s just enough customisation options for my liking (changing keyboard size is my favourite as the default size is too big for my liking).

    Predictions are pretty good too.

    1. Alex, do you find it predicts “to” vs “too” very well? It always gets it wrong for me and I have to tap the word again to correct it because it doesn’t show the word choices above the keyboard for some reason.

      1. Yeah I find it there are a few words that it can get stuck on as such but in general the predictions are pretty awesome.

        To and too generally need to be manually typed and swiping too never works. It doesn’t recognise a little swirl on a letter to designate a double letter like Swype.

        I’m pretty sure it’s the fastest keyboard I’ve used though.

  3. Google Keyboard. Tried Swiftkey, Swype, etc., but keep going back to Google. I try to stay away from OEM keyboards, apps, etc., so that I can keep using what I like when I switch phones, but I do miss the additional numbers row from the Samsung keyboard on my Galaxy Note 2.

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