MCOM Wars Episode I

Coynosham and team put up a great defense against a team who were abusing C4 to blow up the MCOM stations in Bad Company 2. Between them they marked out territory they’d defend and keep secure and it worked really well!

Bonus points for the Star Wars intro. Conor, you’ll love it!

By Donncha

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Conor cares enough for the two of us. You should see his book collection and all the Star Wars memorabilia he’s collected over the years. Next time I call to his house I’m sneaking up there to take a photo of it! 😉

Thanks for the mention!!! I do have 300+ star wars books alright. its much cheaper then being cool!!. Also the dvd collection is getting massive, now that they’re €2 second hand. I’d put up pics but I don’t want to be one of those “put up pics and then got robbed and beaten with sticks while they were at it” examples on the internet.

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