Hi again Donncha,

I have been coding a new multisite plugin (mu-plugins) extension to my own setup and I have some compatibility issues with the current version of the Domain Mapping plugin.

It was fantastic that you added my CNAME and hook additions earlier this year and was wondering if you could add another tiny modification?

I suppose my additions _should_ be considered undocumented due to their nature, but I need to disable:
Within sunrise.php.

Basically it would involve defining a force override in wp-config.php.

Again, this should not be used by most people but my plugin requires it (and it all works with the modifications – hence a force override).

For anyone curious about what my mu-plugin does:

Scenario – You have multiple networks (so a user can create theirblog.site1.com, theirblog.site2.com etc) and you have a SSL certificate for your main site.
You would like your users to login using the SSL certificate you managed to get for your main site (SSL certificates are usually cheaper for single domains and StartCom LTD provides these basic certificates for free for one domain and a subdomain which are valid on most browsers).
Your users can setup their own domain mapping but still login over HTTPS on your main site.
If a user has multiple blogs and is already logged in on the main site, regardless of domain mapping or whatever network domain the user has, then a simple click of ‘login’ or visiting wp-admin will instantly validate you (with strict checking) and instantly log you in without supplying credentials.

Donncha – I cannot remember how I last submitted code but the changes are only a few lines and do not alter any current workings (unless the force override is set), can you please point me in the right direction yet again?

Many thanks!