Hi Donncha,

Thanks for this wonderful plugin. Even as a newbie I have been able to get it up and running for ten sites and they all depend on it to have their domains on the web.

But my sites’ editors also need another plugin, “TinyMCE Advanced” in order to add tables in WYSIWYG without using HTML. It does not fully work unless we disable the MU Domain Mapping plugin v 0.5.1 . We are using TinyMCE Advanced plugin v 3.2.7 in both Firefox and Safari.

In TinyMCE Advanced, the bug is when you click on a table icon or other icon that brings up a popup. Then the popup is blank so you can’t use it to make tables for example. Deactivate the WordPress MU Domain Plugin and the issue goes away.

If I replace TinyMCE Advanced with MCE Table Buttons I have the same behavior.

Do you have any idea why Domain Mapping .5.1 might conflict with the functionality of these two MCE Plugins, and what we might do.

Thanks for any help or ideas!