Are clueless Web 2.0 spammers?

Sorry, just because you’ve been nominated for best Web 2.0 Start up in Europe is no reason to spam members of the Irish blogosphere.

They didn’t even do it very well, leaving Tom Raftery‘s email address in the To: field and attaching a Word .doc file with the text, “Please Find attached press release” in the body of the text. I mean, come on, Web 2.0 my arse. If you had a clue you’d have built up a following on Twitter just like Pat Phelan or Paul Walsh. You would have got us interested in what you do.

Get thee back to Web 0.1

Edit Michele has blogged about them too. Love this quote,

You may have been nominated for an award, but it obviously wasn’t in marketing or email usage based on the rubbish you sent me today and the way you sent it.

20 thoughts on “Are clueless Web 2.0 spammers?

  1. Given all the spam mail and spam comments I get, I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t get this mail.

    Although it’s a good thing I’m not targeted, it kinda does show how I might not be all that popular…

  2. Tom rang me on an unrelated topic (I bet his client is happy he can ring someone inside 😉
    Anyway, Tom didn’t know anything about it as he was on the road all day.

    I got the apology email too. Hopefully they’ll interact with the bloggers in a friendlier manner in the future!

  3. I have just been alerted by Conor to this an I cannot apologise enough. As i said the first spam was due to me relaying an order incorrectly to somebody who works for us but I still take 100% blame for this. The original thinking was that sending a press release to bloggers would be done first and traditional media tomorrow. started as a blog itself and we genuienly thought it was doing a favour to pass this on to bloggers before traditional media but how wrong could we have been. The second email was also 100% my fault in that the etiquette was not correct but it is the actions of a chef trying to fix the massive amount of trouble we had caused. All that i can say is that I swear on my mother’s and little sisters life that the first email was not intended as a spam (although I know realise it was). For anybody annoyed by this I very very sincerly apologise and pray that I have not broken a round 3rd etiquette by posting here!

  4. There’s been a lot of comment spam from them in the food blogosphere as well. Very annoying. He has a twitter account that I followed for a day or two, but it was all spam there too. Shame, Niall seems like a really nice guy, just maybe a bit clueless on netiquette!

  5. Hey Donncha,

    I received this email (and the apology, and the thanks for the apology from Pat!) but I didn’t realise until I talked to you that my name was in the To: field on every ones else’s email too!

    Thanks for sorting out the other matter for me so quickly too. Client was v. impressed!

  6. Do you usually give “orders” to your staff? Are you an Army Officer? If not, ordering people around is not what management should be doing in this day and age.

  7. I never got it thankfully.

    The guy made a mistake … owned up … yet I reckon he’ll be well punished in blogosphere land for a while.

    I never realised how bitchy the blogging community was til I started blogging.

    Still …. it’s reflecting life so bitchiness has to be expected.

    It’s an expensive nomination Niall!

  8. Mark, I’m curious. If management don’t issue orders to staff, then what do you call it when they have staff under them do something?

    Don’t get me wrong, I rarely hear people say the words ‘I order you to…’ and I don’t know if Niall does or doesn’t, but even if a boss says ‘could you please do…’ it’s still an order. It’s dressed up as a request but they are still wanting you to do something.

  9. While his methods may not be the most polite, you can’t help but admire how effective they are. Looks like he’s got Tom, Donnacha and Michele blogging about him and linking to each other blogging about him. Plus he now gets to write an apology in everyones comments, to make him seem like a real nice, humble guy! Talk about exposure. No news is bad news, eh?

  10. I got unsolicited email from
    Didn’t opt in. No opt out. Have found other people with similar examples from the same guy.
    Irish site, .ie domain, a number of recipients have come forward but it appears there is little one can do other than rant.

    Is Ireland spammer friendly? Is there any simple, affordable and convenient process on the horizon? Doesn’t look like it.


  11. John, you’re plastering links to your blog all over the Irish blogs at the moment. You’re a spammer yourself with your faux comments when all you’re doing is trying to get attention back to your own place. That’s amateur carry on. You’re not joining the conversation, you’re walking into the room with a bell and a placard.

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