Are clueless Web 2.0 spammers?

Sorry, just because you’ve been nominated for best Web 2.0 Start up in Europe is no reason to spam members of the Irish blogosphere.

They didn’t even do it very well, leaving Tom Raftery‘s email address in the To: field and attaching a Word .doc file with the text, “Please Find attached press release” in the body of the text. I mean, come on, Web 2.0 my arse. If you had a clue you’d have built up a following on Twitter just like Pat Phelan or Paul Walsh. You would have got us interested in what you do.

Get thee back to Web 0.1

Edit Michele has blogged about them too. Love this quote,

You may have been nominated for an award, but it obviously wasn’t in marketing or email usage based on the rubbish you sent me today and the way you sent it.