The end of the world

How will it end? I watched Earthstorm last night in which the moon was hit by a huge asteroid causing a gigantic split in the surface of our closest neighbour and potentially slicing off a bit that falls into the Earth killing everyone. Luckily, demolition expert John Redding (played by Stephen Baldwin who’s the spit of his brother) saves the day and everyone lives happily ever after. Well probably. I didn’t bother watching the last few minutes.

I can’t believe Dirk Benedict appeared in this awful film.

Anyway, here’s another way for the world to end. Thanks Alex for the link! WTF?^^

The first mention of “youtube Earthstorm” took me to this television commercial for NicoDerm. Guess there are more fans of Anna Silk than of the movie!

PS. First Christmas advert of the season spotted while I fast forwarded through this film on Sky+!

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