Comment Moderation Is In

Moderation of comments is now enabled on every blog on this server!
When someone posts a comment, you’ll receive the usual email with the comment, but at the end of the email will be a link to the Comment Moderation page for your blog.
From this page you can list:

  1. All comments posted in the past month.
  2. All Comments.
  3. New Comments.
  4. Deleted Comments.
  5. OK Comments.

Comments aren’t really deleted, just not displayed. I may add an option to “really delete” a comment eventually.
I’ve updated the comments on every blog here to “OK” status. This means all current comments will be displayed. You can change that status as you like from the backend.
Please leave a comment here, or mail me if you notice any bugs (There’s bound to be!), or have any feature requests.

2 thoughts on “Comment Moderation Is In

  1. Is there a new distribution anytime? I’ve been tinkering with b2++ a bit, and that’s one of the things I’m pretty sure I’d want before going public with a blog based on it.

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