Preload categories and custom post content

The never ending journey to WP Super Cache 1.0 continues. Go grab the development version of the plugin on the download page as there have been a few changes since my last post (where I announced support for mixed https sites among other things).

Some of the changes:

  • The cache preloader will now preload tags and categories pages (and whatever other taxonomy you want by using the wp_cache_preload_taxonomies filter). It should also preload pages with custom post types, but I haven’t tested that yet as I don’t have any such pages here. I hope Adam does at least!
  • You should be able to delete files from the cache file listing again.
  • You can make “known users” anonymous so they’re served Supercache cache files. Logged in users will appear logged out and users who leave comments won’t have the comment form filled in however.
  • And quite a few more bugfixes.

Only thing is, I need your help. The development version is running on this multisite install of WordPress and it’s working fine but I really need feedback, especially before 1.0 comes out.

So, if you’re comfortable with WordPress please go visit the download page and install the development version. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Preload categories and custom post content

  1. Hi, I found something not correct about category/tag pages preload. But I’m not sure what’s the problem. Maybe it’s a bug of this plugin, I think.
    I’m using a multisite mode WP of sub-directory installation. So, the url of category/tag pages is like
    When preloading the whole site, WPSC generates the url like
    Do you think it’s a bug thing or just my configuration problem?
    Thank you for this useful plugin!

    1. That’s odd because the code in question is site_url( $path . "/" . $term->slug . "/" ) where $path is “category” so site_url should prefix it with “/blog/”.

      Can you test this on your site?

      1. I think it’s because the site_url of main-blog is but not

        In the wp-cache.php>/code> file, the $path of main-blog is output as blank but not /blog. I want to test it, but I don't know where is the $path come from.

        By the way, the plugin is doing well with sub-blogs.

      2. Ok? I fixed it by a not-so-pretty way.

        After line 2687, add this:

        if (is_main_blog())
        $main_blog_base = '/blog/';
        $main_blog_base = '';

        Then change site_url( $path . "/" . $term->slug . "/" ) to site_url( $main_blog_base . $path . "/" . $term->slug . "/" ).

        And now, it works fine.

          1. It’s my honor to help. You’re doing a very great work on this plugin. Thank you.
            If there are other things I can do, please let me know.

  2. Hi, Donncha, I think it’s good for you to know that I upgraded my wp super cache with your development version just now and the problem was fixed.
    Sorry if I made a mistake on this problem before.

  3. Oh, sorry, it seems not the truth. I looked into the debug file and could not find the string of /blog/tag/ or /blog/category/. So the former conclusion is not believable.

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