I have just been alerted by Conor to this an I cannot apologise enough. As i said the first spam was due to me relaying an order incorrectly to somebody who works for us but I still take 100% blame for this. The original thinking was that sending a press release to bloggers would be done first and traditional media tomorrow. Ifoods.tv started as a blog itself and we genuienly thought it was doing a favour to pass this on to bloggers before traditional media but how wrong could we have been. The second email was also 100% my fault in that the etiquette was not correct but it is the actions of a chef trying to fix the massive amount of trouble we had caused. All that i can say is that I swear on my mother’s and little sisters life that the first email was not intended as a spam (although I know realise it was). For anybody annoyed by this I very very sincerly apologise and pray that I have not broken a round 3rd etiquette by posting here!