Nob Nation Adverts

Nob Nation or Gift Grub? Which is better? I prefer Gift Grub but I haven’t heard it in ages because of a change in our radio listening habits in the morning due to an early rising baby and slightly frazzled parents..

Anyway, Nob Nation is available as a podcast you can subscribe to, which is just as well. No need to listen to Gerry Ryan prattle on! 🙂
Here’s a recent episode, and one of their better ones. “The Nobs try their hands at making some well-known ads as well as some made-up ones”. Love that Penneys one!
Download the mp3 and enjoy!

The noble sport of motorhome racing

Richard Hammond founded a new motor sport for last week’s Top Gear. Motorhome Racing! The rules are quite strict, it’s a no contact race, and the aim of the race is to be able to drive home afterwards. Pity the other drivers didn’t know the rules ..

I was going to blog the review of the impressive (but not new) Alfa Romeo 159 by James May on the same show, but hey, after the motorhome race all bets were off. That was just too good to miss! Unfortunately I had already found the video so look for it after the jump!

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Donncha's Friday Links

No more confusion. Today is Friday! TGIF!

  • Latchiko has an image in the RTE Guide 2008 Calendar! Well done!
  • Tone Mapping plugin for GIMP. Interesting, but I found more interesting effects by changing the mode of the new layer to Divide.
  • John McAWilliams photoblog is now running WordPress with a spiffy photoblog theme called “Grain“.
  • Dave wonders if the Advertising Standards Association is sexist.

    So when Aero launched their ‘Bubbles’ ad campaign I decided to make a complaint. I took the text of the complaints made against adverts featuring females and changed the sex to male.

  • So, for those of you reading from outside Ireland, our prime minister is being quizzed over certain moneys he received. So far he’s been slippery and nothing has stuck but Gavin explains the latest controversy. His solicitor lent him money to pay his court fees! The mind boggles.
  • Damien covers the Eircom Web 2.0 fund, but I have to wonder who’d jump into bed with them? Read those contracts carefully.
  • Business blogging or why blogs aren’t just for the kids and geeks. Paul explains in clear points why business should be blogging.

    Seems like our 100,000+ unique visitors is nothing in the blogging world, but most Small to Medium Irish Business (SME’s) would kill for that kind of traffic. So since I’m an ‘expert’ (and when exactly did that happen ?!) here’s the 10 minute guide to get your business on it’s way.

  • Condition 1 weather at the McMurdo Station in the Antartica. You thought the weather was bad didn’t you?

WIP: Blog Voyeur and Custom Akismet screenshots

Here’s a sneak preview of some stuff I’m working on, besides WP Super Cache and WordPress MU.

First of all, there’s my Blog Voyeur plugin. It’s a visitor logging plugin like many other ones, but this one only records hits from users who have left comments here. The screenshot below is what you see in the backend listing page. I took out the names of the users for privacy reasons but so far it’s worked quite well. I’m not sure yet if this plugin will see the light of day. After discussing this with Mark he came up with some possible uses for it. Inventive fellow is he. Comments in brackets by me.

“When I made that post yesterday criticising Matt, I wondered if he would look at it. Well now I know he did… and because he didn’t comment he’s guilty…” (paranoid?)

Match your cookie thing with crazyegg 🙂 (excessive?)

Have a popup – “Hi Matt!” (annoying?)

See returning user, see no comments so send them an email asking for their views on the posts they did not comment on. (obsessive?)


I mentioned this second plugin already. It’s a modified version of Akismet. You can download it yourself if you want to play with it. If someone else wants to take it further feel free to. It’s all GPL code. I’m posting a screenshot because it’s amazing to see so much spam from one IP address in only a few days. Just goes to show what a good job Akismet does.

akismet numbers

Donncha's Wednesday Links

Confusion reigns again. As promised yesterday, today is Wednesday’s Links! I really gotta get that plugin written so it’ll create these titles automatically. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US visitors!

  • Automattc Projects lists most of the commercial and GPLed projects Automattic has worked on. I’ll be looking at the secure admin plugin later. Should be useful for WordPress MU installs.
  • Lorelle reports on a new form of spamming and copyright theft called spinning. There are pay-for online services out there that generate nonsense content that search engines think is English, but is really fragments of content taken from other sites with words replaced to avoid the duplicate penalty. If you find someone scraping and stealing your content, you can get your own back on them. If they use Adsense, Daily Blog Tips recommends that you report them for copyright theft. Hopefully the thief will have their Adsense account suspended. Excellent idea.
  • George Barr has a great post on camera design. I love his opening paragraph.

    Someone sent me a joke the other day – one of those, “how come” type – one line of which was “how come they put a man on the moon before they put wheels on luggage?”

  • Preventing ad blindness from DBT again. Useful ideas if you have advertising on your blog.
  • Pop culture will eat itself – what a great capture!
  • Happy Blog Birthday to Dave. 10 years young!
  • Everyone eats right? Even the cloned Storm Troopers in Star Wars needed somewhere to sit down and eat. Here’s what happens when Darth Vadar wandered down to the canteen. Via Emmet.

    If you like that one, check out Darth’s hidden talent which I also got from Bifsniff.

A Simply Silly WordPress URL

I’m not sure why I noticed this protest sticker. It’s stuck to a lamp post on Patrick Street, Cork but maybe it was the typo in the URL that triggered my subconscious. One thing I can be certain of is that is not taking sides in any conflict of any sort! GPL software can be used by anyone just so long as they stick to the agreement with which they accepted the software.

Silly Stupid Typo

As expected, points at an old blog of theirs as they have now moved to their own server at

Glossing over the .org mistake for a minute, why do people still put the “www.” in front of long-winded urls? It gets stripped by anyway. Why not put “http://” there instead? Makes more sense to me. Three cheers for the no-www movement!

So, have you seen any glaring typos on posters, fliers, stickers or blogs that made you look twice? Today’s link post doesn’t count. I did that on purpose to make a point. Sure. 🙂