Google Maps glimpse into the past

Google update their Maps service on a semi-regular basis but their images of Cork City are hopelessly out of date.

Elysian Building Site
The Elysian Building Site

The Elysian will be a large 17 storey tower with offices, apartments, shopping centre, parking and gardens. It’s been years since that building site looked like it does in the image above!

  1. Elysian building site.
  2. Cork City Hall. (The building work behind that is now complete)
  3. Cork City Fire Brigade HQ
  4. Anglesea Street Garda Station
Patrick Street
Patrick Street, Cork City Centre

They can be forgiven for not having this updated. The large block marked with red has only recently been demolished while superwomen walk past and railing hide the view down by the bottom-right corner of the block.

Nice to have these before pics of the city.

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