Donncha's Friday Links

No more confusion. Today is Friday! TGIF!

  • Latchiko has an image in the RTE Guide 2008 Calendar! Well done!
  • Tone Mapping plugin for GIMP. Interesting, but I found more interesting effects by changing the mode of the new layer to Divide.
  • John McAWilliams photoblog is now running WordPress with a spiffy photoblog theme called “Grain“.
  • Dave wonders if the Advertising Standards Association is sexist.

    So when Aero launched their ‘Bubbles’ ad campaign I decided to make a complaint. I took the text of the complaints made against adverts featuring females and changed the sex to male.

  • So, for those of you reading from outside Ireland, our prime minister is being quizzed over certain moneys he received. So far he’s been slippery and nothing has stuck but Gavin explains the latest controversy. His solicitor lent him money to pay his court fees! The mind boggles.
  • Damien covers the Eircom Web 2.0 fund, but I have to wonder who’d jump into bed with them? Read those contracts carefully.
  • Business blogging or why blogs aren’t just for the kids and geeks. Paul explains in clear points why business should be blogging.

    Seems like our 100,000+ unique visitors is nothing in the blogging world, but most Small to Medium Irish Business (SME’s) would kill for that kind of traffic. So since I’m an ‘expert’ (and when exactly did that happen ?!) here’s the 10 minute guide to get your business on it’s way.

  • Condition 1 weather at the McMurdo Station in the Antartica. You thought the weather was bad didn’t you?

2 thoughts on “Donncha's Friday Links

  1. Re the Eircom fund, things have changed a lot in that company since the new owners took over. I’d jump into bed with them in a second. I’m genuinely really impressed with what they are trying to do.

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