HOW-TO: get rid of the screenshot preview in macOS

A good few years ago, Apple changed how their screenshot function (CMD+SHIFT+4) worked by adding a small preview before it was saved. This allows you to edit the screenshot before it’s saved and used.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I used that to edit the screenshot. More often than not, I (metaphorically) drummed my fingers waiting the couple of seconds it took for the preview to disappear, so I could upload or do something with the screenshot.

How do I get rid of it? I looked around for a solution ages ago, but my Google-fu failed me. Last year I looked again, and I found this post that describes how it’s done.

Because this is probably something you want to do but never realised it, I’ll repeat what they said there. This is how you stop the floating thumbnail preview when you take a screenshot in macOS. It’s so easy!

  1. Press CMD+SHIFT+5 to launch the screen capture app.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. In that menu deselect “Show Floating Thumbnail”.

So simple, but it will save many precious seconds throughout my day!

Many years ago I set the location of screenshots to a screenshots folder, so I have been into that options menu. Maybe the floating thumbnail setting wasn’t there at the time.


Zombie Carnage

Left 4 Dead 2, a great game for killing zombies, but not for the squeamish.


WIP: Blog Voyeur and Custom Akismet screenshots

Here’s a sneak preview of some stuff I’m working on, besides WP Super Cache and WordPress MU.

First of all, there’s my Blog Voyeur plugin. It’s a visitor logging plugin like many other ones, but this one only records hits from users who have left comments here. The screenshot below is what you see in the backend listing page. I took out the names of the users for privacy reasons but so far it’s worked quite well. I’m not sure yet if this plugin will see the light of day. After discussing this with Mark he came up with some possible uses for it. Inventive fellow is he. Comments in brackets by me.

“When I made that post yesterday criticising Matt, I wondered if he would look at it. Well now I know he did… and because he didn’t comment he’s guilty…” (paranoid?)

Match your cookie thing with crazyegg 🙂 (excessive?)

Have a popup – “Hi Matt!” (annoying?)

See returning user, see no comments so send them an email asking for their views on the posts they did not comment on. (obsessive?)


I mentioned this second plugin already. It’s a modified version of Akismet. You can download it yourself if you want to play with it. If someone else wants to take it further feel free to. It’s all GPL code. I’m posting a screenshot because it’s amazing to see so much spam from one IP address in only a few days. Just goes to show what a good job Akismet does.

akismet numbers