Donncha's Thursday Links

  • Mark explains why we should support the writers strike in Hollywood. Can you imagine watching reruns of JAG or Melrose Place? Please! Everyone sit down and resolve the situation before it’s too late! Love those clips too. Writers are the wrong group of people to piss off when it’s so easy to get your message out with the power of the Internet and Youtube!
  • Conor notes the rising cost of baby formula, a subject close to my heart. Not only have the large boxes of Aptamil formula gone up, but the small 200ml cartons have gone up from 99c to 119c.
  • Check out Alex King’s WordPress plugins including such favourites as “Popularity Contest” and a useful plugin to redirect Moveable Type URLs to WordPress ones. He’s available for hire through Crowd Favorite, his software development company.
  • Nice, Loudervoice is sms powered now!
  • A Wired article on the Creative Commons quotes Jim who shares the same concerns I do about the license scheme. Ironically, it appears Wired staff used many “All rights reserved” in a recent blog post. They’re not the only ones to misunderstand licenses. Honestly, does anyone outside of the blogger and photography communities even know about Creative Commons? I doubt it somehow.
  • Here’s a slightly edited version of The Big Lebowsky shown on cable tv. They ruined it!

    Via Blame it on the voices. Check out the “short version” of the film too, but be warned that it’s definitely not safe for work if your sound is turned up!

  • I asked Damien and Niall about their link posting habits. Niall replied by email, but Damien responded on his blog. Thanks guys. Both replies were very helpful. I’m writing a link posting plugin for WordPress. Anyone else want to share what they’d like to see in such a tool?
  • Would it be evil to keep track of the visits to your blog by people who comment on it? Yes, something else I’m working on ..

9 thoughts on “Donncha's Thursday Links

  1. I dunno, if JAG is edited down just to shots of Catherine Bell, it’s actually quite

    On the plus side, the writer’s strike in the US opens up the potential for MacGyver
    reruns. Yay!

  2. Keith – always the optimist? 🙂

    Conor – you’re welcome! I’ve been meaning to try it out for ages now, got a few restaurant reviews in my head I want to put down somewhere ..

  3. Would it be evil to keep track of the visits to your blog by people who comment on it?

    I don’t think so. Would it be evil to keep track of the visits to your blog by people who don’t comment on it?

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