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The first thing I look at in the Sunday Times is the magazine. Just about every week there’s a feature on a photographer and a few weeks ago that was the late Bob Richardon. I can’t find the article online but I love this quote,

‘I have always photographed loneliness because that is my life.’ Richardson wrote in his memoir. ‘People say that my work is sexual. Look closer, stupid’

  • Donal noticed that Meteor updated their online texting service! Looks much better now.
  • How to communicate across domains using frames. For security reasons this isn’t a good thing.
  • XSS – Proof of Concept
  • Gamma spotted some photoshopping of Cork Opera House in the new Rory Gallagher DVD. Good catch!
  • As seen in several places, Red Cardinal has the news that Google Local is now in Ireland. If you have a store front business, you should register there to put yourself on Google Maps!
  • Blogs run on WordPress MU. Here are the plugins they use, including my Flickr Widget!
  • A huge collection of GIMP plugins have been updated to work on GIMP 2.4 and now available as the GIMP FX Foundary. I downloaded the package, installed them in ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts/ and only got through a couple of the scripts so far. There are loads of effects there. Cool.
  • A wedding photographer shares her workflow, including using the GIMP. (via)
  • Who cares what the bokeh looks like? As long as you love the picture. See featured comment.

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