Balancing Point

This is a great short movie on balancing rocks. Booorrriiinnnnggg? Nah, not the way they do it! (via)


CSS Culture: Laying it all out

Using tables for layout isn’t always evil. It makes debugging html pages much easier on occasion. This ok/cancel article delves into the preoccupation web developers have with doing layout in CSS and why it really is silly!
I posted something similar ages ago but the CSS brigade shall have their way…
Love the accompanying comic too!


IRA orders end of armed campaign

I hope this time it’ll last. The IRA announced yesterday that they have, “formally ordered an end to the armed campaign.”
Of course Ian Paisley made a huge commotion about it but hopefully all parties in Northern Ireland can now sit down together and do something constructive.
(A quick search returns this disturbing page on Ian Paisley. Did he really abduct a 16 year old girl in 1956? The Wikipedia page on him is much less inflamitory.)
Oh yes, here’s a photo of the IRA laying down their arms:


How you SHOULD use blogs in education

James follows up his previous blogs in education post with a new one on how you should use blogs in education. I bet we’ll see some interesting uses of WPMU in education with James involved!


Sunset Blue

Water drops on roadside grass, Sherkin Island.
I had to clean this image up a lot. DCAM Noise 2.0 is useful, as is selective gaussian blur.


Bus at Tall Ships Festival, Waterford.
F/3.5, 18mm, ISO400, 1/3sec

WPMU for cpanel sites

There have been too many complaints on the forums about people having trouble installing WPMU. A number of these are on Cpanel administered sites.
Until this morning I had never used Cpanel, but thanks to James Farmer I had my chance.
Here’s how I debugged the problem with installing WPMU on Cpanel sites.
This problem probably extends to any web based installer that creates a .htaccess file in the root directory because Cpanel creates an empty file of the same name.
This is a problem because the file is owned by the user running Cpanel, not the web server. You have to change the permissions of the file through Cpanel, or ftp in and delete it.

Give me a shell any day.


Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Lots of tips and stuff here!

1. Build and Empire?
2. New Sites, Files and Maintenance
3. Managing URL’s and channels
4. Site Design and Integration
5. Using Images
6. Multiple Ad Units
7. Adsense in RSS
8. Affiliate Sites
9. PPC Arbitrage


Petrol Prices Rise to 1.20 Euro/litre

I just heard on Red FM that Texaco are telling their retailers to increase the price of unleaded petrol to 1.20/lt! I filled up with petrol at 1.05/lt this morning but I might just fill the tank this evening if this is confirmed elsewhere.

Linux Web

streamtuner – Internet radio tuner

I came across streamtuner a few days ago and installed it from Debian apt when it sparked my interest.
It talks to radio directories like SHOUTcast and Live365 and lists them in a nice gui. Click on any station and up pops xmms!
I never got into the whole streaming radio thing before, but there’s every sort of station out there! I’m amazed!