7 thoughts on “Petrol Prices Rise to 1.20 Euro/litre

  1. Probably after.. I haven’t a clue about that feed validation stuff. My own blog has broken enough times when I copy/paste Windows characters from other sites that I replace every unusual character with bog-standard ASCII.

  2. Ah, but what’s really interesting is that it’s not that kind of issue. I’ve checked four different feeds from blogs.linux.ie and they all fail for the same thing, all except yours.

    Something may not be right in WPMU land…

  3. just browsing and came across your comments about petrol, cant believe that the price has gone up that much I have only left ireland 2 months ago, have you tried tesco?

  4. There aren’t any Tesco service stations in Cork I’m afraid. I bought petrol in the one in Killarney a few weeks back but it wasn’t that cheap, only equalling the lowest price I had seen in Cork.

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