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Statler & Waldorf review movies

Hehe. They “review” War of the Worlds and Bewitched. They’re mms files. With a little bit of command-line magic you should be able to dump the streamed movie to a file. (via /.)


GIMP Preview – the why and what of it

A recent thread on the GIMP User mailing list asked about why previews are so small, and why the “main window” preview isn’t available everywhere.
Replies were soon forthcoming. It seems that plugins can’t preview their changes in the main window, but built-in tools can.
Carol Spears even offered a small tutorial explaining how you can increase the preview size in plugins very easily!



First of the RAW images I took over the weekend at Sherkin Island. Forgive the grain, this was shot at ISO 400 under difficult light and the gull was flying directly outside our hotel room!

So far I’ve imported a few photos into the GIMP using UFraw and to be honest I don’t think shooting in RAW made much difference. I’ll reserve final judgement until later when I’ve had more experience with converting.
I ran into the same trouble I had before with corrupted shots. Looks like one of my CF cards is fscked. I’ll write to 7dayshop where I bought the cards, whatever good that’ll do me.

Running fsck.vfat returned lots of errors about clusters. I formatted and I’m running a test for bad clusters now. It didn’t find anything but I’ll run some more tests over the next few days. Meanwhile, here’s some more info on compact flash break-downs to digest.

I copied about 900MB of data back and forth to the CF card without a hitch. It might be a camera problem? They’re Viking Interworks 1GB cards. Anyway, I found two places, here and here that have reasonably priced cards.


Wideangle lenses for small sensor APS-C DSLRs

Good overview of wide angle lenses available for DSLRs. Expensive though, anyone want to buy the Canon 10-22 for me?


Canon 20D & RAW

Here’s a long thread which has almost convinced me that I should shoot RAW this weekend.
If I wanted to batch process I can probably do something like this:
for i in *.cr2
dcraw -c $i | ppmtojpeg > `basename $i .cr2`.jpg

RAW files are known to be much bigger. File sizes?
$ du -csh *
6.7M img_5881.cr2
24M img_5881.ppm
31M total

$ du -csh img_5879.jpg
4.0M img_5879.jpg
4.0M total

Shooting in RAW costs me almost 3MB of space per photo. I’m game to try it but the advantages will have to be absolutely amazing if I’m going to use it!