WPMU for cpanel sites

There have been too many complaints on the forums about people having trouble installing WPMU. A number of these are on Cpanel administered sites.
Until this morning I had never used Cpanel, but thanks to James Farmer I had my chance.
Here’s how I debugged the problem with installing WPMU on Cpanel sites.
This problem probably extends to any web based installer that creates a .htaccess file in the root directory because Cpanel creates an empty file of the same name.
This is a problem because the file is owned by the user running Cpanel, not the web server. You have to change the permissions of the file through Cpanel, or ftp in and delete it.

Give me a shell any day.

7 thoughts on “WPMU for cpanel sites

  1. Enough of your bitching you whinging code monkey.
    Did you fire off an email to the Cpanel guys informing them of the “issue”?

    If they fix it now it’ll save people on the WP site having to answer variations of that problem for the next few months. (Or years)

  2. Eh? Of course not as I don’t expect them to fix the bug.
    People have been complaining about Cpanel for years and this is my first exposure to it. I have more pressing matters to attend to. Feel free to mail them and pass on this URL if it makes you happy! 🙂

  3. I agree that cPanel is to managing your web server what AOL is to Internet surfing! But it does have its conveniences. I think you should encourage users to use a non-cPanel type web host such as TextDrive, which wholeheartedly supports open source efforts such as WP and WPMU. Granted, it doesn’t have the “purdiest” interface on earth, but it is very secure and it gets the job done!

  4. The more experienced you get the more you want from your sites. On shared hosting I have found cPanel to be extremely useful for those who are not as advanced. The ease it provides is appealing to many website owners. The .htaccess issues can be frustrating for sure. I have experienced many issues there. I did buckle down a learn about the .htaccess file, however before that I was feeling the pain. Best of luck to you all!

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