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  1. Donncha,

    Will R. is writing a book on this topic, and makes the following statement in his blog (www.weblogg-ed.com/):

    >Edu Blog Hosting
    >August 1st, 2005 — Will R.
    >So the good news is that there finally seems to be some >options for teachers wanting to implement Weblogs in their >classrooms in ways that are safe and effective. I’m in the >process of putting together an overview of four of them >that will be included in the book:
    ># Blogmeister, from David Warlick
    ># WordPress Multi User, hosted by James Farmer
    ># NL Communities, offered by Alan November
    ># Manila from Userland.com.
    >I may be wrong, and please tell me if I am, but I think >those are the only four that offer the teacher preapproval >of student posts/comment moderation capabilities that seem >to be requirements for most educators starting out. With >any luck, I’ll have a breakdown posted later this week.

    Do you know if this is complete/correct information? It would seem that any WordPress installation could be setup to allow teacher preapproval/moderation of posts…


  2. Of those blog systems the only one I have experience with is WordPress and it certainly has the features you want. Pupils would have to register on a single blog however for the teacher to be able to moderate them effectively. The teacher could go setup 30-40 blogs and then give pupils the limited access required but who has time for that? There is no “global moderation” of comments and posts in a multi-blog environment.
    Just install WordPress and use one blog for the whole class.

  3. http://blogsavvy.net/how-you-should-use-blogs-in-education#comments
    The web page above is another blog I found, and I believe that it explains nicely how blods SHOULD be used!

    This blog is explaining how you should you blogs in education. I believe that the 4 points made in this blog are good things to go by. I am a student and I just starting using blog this year, so I am new to it. But, I do believe that blogging is a good idea to incorporate into education and the learning environment. As they said, use blogs for what they are good for, when they are necessary, or seem useful. If you are using blogs in education, you are not going to have to use them for every lesson, but I do believe that it will be good to incorporate blogs into a lesson every once in a while.

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