Move Steam Games to another drive?

I have two partitions on my machines and the first one is always full so I’ve had to move games to the second partition from time to time. That means moving files and directories and opening a cmd prompt as an administrator to run mklink.

Well, it just got easier with Steam Mover. Nice GUI that uses xcopy, rd and mklink to copy Steam games to another drive.

It worked a treat moving 5GB of files over this evening!

Hires map of Minecraft

Last night I updated the version of Dynmap on my Minecraft server. It’s the plugin that generates a realtime map of the world. I chose to render the hires tiles and it’s already created 2.2GB of data where the previous map was only 20MB! And it’s still going!

I think it’s worth it however. Check out the screenshots below and decide for yourself.

Old Map


New Map

Darned Endermen

One of the cool new features in Minecraft 1.8 was creative mode which allows you to fly around and build things without running out of blocks. It also stops you taking damage from mobs so I switched them on in the server for the hell of it.

Unfortunately the new mob, the Endermen, caused problems for David’s pyramid.

They kept robbing bits of it and moving them about! I didn’t want to disable mobs and thankfully someone created a plugin that restricts what the Endermen will pick up. After verifying that cobblestone wasn’t on the list I restarted the server and the pyramid was safe!

Pity about all the other structures made of “natural” material ..

BF3 Beta is Fun


Well, finally it’s here! I couldn’t get into any Xbox games because of problems connecting to EA but I had few problems connecting on PS3 where I teamed up with Mike, Gavin and Conor. Unfortunately the game split our squad up so we were on different teams and squads so we couldn’t talk. Next time we’re getting on Skype!

The games were a laugh, hardly anyone knew how to play rush from what I could see. While attacking I sauntered into the first base and blew up a crate with only 2 defenders coming to see what that noise was after I set the timer going. My own team weren’t much better as they ran past crates (or whatever they are now) without arming them!
It’s sort of annoying that your own team mates can push you when you’re arming. That happened to me a couple of teams but I still got the arm 🙂

Also when a squad member spawns on you you’ll get pushed forward if room is limited. Right into the line of sight of the enemy. Grrrr.

Good news is, you can still tea bag the enemy, only now it probably looks like doing press-ups.

Syndicate HD Announce Trailer

The remake of ye olde DOS based game Syndicate will be coming in February 2012. Here’s the “announce trailer” and I like what I see! The original still plays just fine in DOSBox and it’s well worth tracking down. Hopefully will start selling it before the sequel comes out. (via)

An hour of Caspian Border 1080p footage

After his less than positive look at Operation Metro Total Biscuit got into the Caspian Border beta server and has a much better experience. I have to agree with him, why wasn’t Caspian Border the main map for the beta? It’s so much more Battlefield than that other one. From what I’ve seen anyway. I haven’t played either yet.

Make sure you watch both videos in 1080p. Amazing stuff.

(Oh yes, it’s not quite an hour, but he gets close..)

Magical Friendly Fire

David said he was going to upload a Magicka video showing me, errr, being overly enthusiastic with fireballs. Instead he uploaded this one which is much more entertaining as it shows us all killing each other in more varied ways. The joy of magical friendly fire.

Next time I play I’m not taking that sci-fi wizard. He catches a cold at the mere mention of water and loses health. On the plus side, when you’re in the way of an electric bolt you get a nice heal! I’m going with the crossbow wielding guy next!

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Beware wizards with guns

In Magicka you can have lots of fun, but actually, beware wizards with magic. Fireballs are detrimental to your health. So that’s why the guns let me walk in front ….