An hour of Caspian Border 1080p footage

After his less than positive look at Operation Metro Total Biscuit got into the Caspian Border beta server and has a much better experience. I have to agree with him, why wasn’t Caspian Border the main map for the beta? It’s so much more Battlefield than that other one. From what I’ve seen anyway. I haven’t played either yet.

Make sure you watch both videos in 1080p. Amazing stuff.

(Oh yes, it’s not quite an hour, but he gets close..)

4 thoughts on “An hour of Caspian Border 1080p footage

  1. Looks amazing and I’m really looking forward to playing Caspian Border. Rumour has it that Dice wanted Caspian Border on the beta but their application to XBL was rejected, not sure how true that is. Also, Operation Metro was in the Alpha so they have made changes since then and probably want to test them out.

    There is also rumour that Caspian Border would be released on consoles as well. It would make sense considering its a large map with vehicles but I’ll hold my breath until the official statement.

    Oh and I cant wait to jump into a Jet and wrap it around that big red & white mast 🙂

  2. I so need to get a decent gaming PC but it’ll probably be next Spring before I can afford it. Unfortunately my spending priorities and my wife’s don’t always align…

    If Caspian Border isn’t released on console I’ll be disappointed but I presume there’ll be a few maps with wide open terrain suitable for jets! *Hopes*

  3. And more! First off some jet gameplay by Chris/Redd Dragons with some useful points about keyboard controls and flying:

    And another from aethyal, telling a story 🙂

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