When Bob Started a Syndicate

The other day I was reading through the very last issue of Ace Magazine when I came across an "In the Works" preview of a game called Bob. It was the temporary name given to a work-in-progress game by developers Bullfrog. It meant nothing to me until I saw the […]


A disappointing Syndicate

It was to be expected. The new remake of Syndicate isn’t going down well with reviewers. You’re better off with the original version where you can enjoy hours of fun with a minigun or whatever you’re having. Who needs tactics? Just send all your guys in and mow down all […]


Syndicate on Thursday

One of my favourite Amiga games of the 90’s was Syndicate. The PC version will be available on from next Thursday. Great little shooter, go buy it! (via)


Syndicate HD Announce Trailer

The remake of ye olde DOS based game Syndicate will be coming in February 2012. Here’s the “announce trailer” and I like what I see! The original still plays just fine in DOSBox and it’s well worth tracking down. Hopefully will start selling it before the sequel comes out. […]


Hours of fun with Syndicate

Have Macbook. Check. Have DOSBox. Check. Have external mouse. Check. Have Syndicate. Check. Syndicate is a game I played a lot in the early nineties. I was never any good at games (some things never change!), but this is one of the few games I stuck with and managed to […]

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