BF3 Beta is Fun


Well, finally it’s here! I couldn’t get into any Xbox games because of problems connecting to EA but I had few problems connecting on PS3 where I teamed up with Mike, Gavin and Conor. Unfortunately the game split our squad up so we were on different teams and squads so we couldn’t talk. Next time we’re getting on Skype!

The games were a laugh, hardly anyone knew how to play rush from what I could see. While attacking I sauntered into the first base and blew up a crate with only 2 defenders coming to see what that noise was after I set the timer going. My own team weren’t much better as they ran past crates (or whatever they are now) without arming them!
It’s sort of annoying that your own team mates can push you when you’re arming. That happened to me a couple of teams but I still got the arm 🙂

Also when a squad member spawns on you you’ll get pushed forward if room is limited. Right into the line of sight of the enemy. Grrrr.

Good news is, you can still tea bag the enemy, only now it probably looks like doing press-ups.

4 thoughts on “BF3 Beta is Fun

  1. Man, that was a load of fun, sorry I missed you guys! I just kept trying all night and finally got on the Xbox. After dinner, the evening was Connect to BF 3 -> Fail -> Play BC 2 -> Connect to BF 3, and so on.

    I got to play a few matches before the server booted me, but it sure as heck was a different feel. A better feel, but different nonetheless. My biggest issue is that the game is just too darn gorgeous. I keep getting distracted and missing obvious enemies. “Wait, is that a news stand?! Oh, I just got killed by an RPG.”

    Also, I want my fancy guns back. I hate starter guns.

  2. I couldn’t get into any Xbox games at all! I’m looking forward to this game again, all the hype over the last few months has worn me down, but unfortunately I’ll probably only get it on PS3, at least initially. Money money money…

    Oh, here’s battlelog profile!

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