WP Super Cache 0.6

It’s been a while since the last release of WP Super Cache, so it’s about time to release the updated code on the world! This plugin allows a WordPress blog to be served directly from static HTML files just like another popular blogging engine. When this plugin was originally released […]


How China Digital Times moved from MT to WordPress

Can you improve performance when moving from a statically generated site to a dynamic environment? You can if the conditions are right. In the case of CDT, publishing times were a nightmare with Movable Type. Search performance was horrible, and the comment spam problem caused such a drag on the […]


Phoar! What a spike!

I released WP Super Cache 0.5.3 on Friday last. From the stats it looks like people are upgrading which is good news! This version has a number of fixes and improvements: If your blog is installed in a sub-directory you’ll want to upgrade. This version fixes the mod_rewrite rules that […]


Digg users will love this

Version 0.5.1 of WP Super Cache is now available! This release of the plugin will be especially useful for Digg and Slashdot users who experience really huge traffic spikes. This post has been dugg! Add your Digg here! I doubt it’ll get anywhere near the front page at this stage […]


100,000 page views in 5 minutes

Now, that’s why you can’t believe benchmarks. Sure, this server was able to serve 100,000 page views in 282 seconds but: Requests were made from a VPS in the same datacenter. No need to worry about slow clients, or maintaining network connections to many remote clients. I used Litespeed Web […]

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Thursday Links

Reports of an exploit in WP Super Cache are being investigated but details are vague at this stage. There are only 3 reports of this out of hundreds who installed the plugin. Email me at donncha at ocaoimh.ie if you find files from outside your blog in wp-content/cache/supercache/ Tell me […]


How well did Super Cache handle the digg?

I must admit making the front page of Digg.com wasn’t the nail biting experience I expected. $ grep “GET /2007/11/05/wordpress-super-cache-01/” access.log.1|grep digg -c 4686 My Super Cache announcement only drew 4686 visitors which is an ultra-light Digg. The Digg page for the post received 808 diggs as of a few […]


WordPress Super Cache 0.1

It’s time to lift the veil of secrecy on my latest project. With help from friends who diligently tested and reported bugs on this I can now present version 0.1 of WP Super Cache! It is an extensive modification of the famous WP-Cache 2 plugin by Ricardo Galli Granada. This […]

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