WP Super Cache 0.6

It’s been a while since the last release of WP Super Cache, so it’s about time to release the updated code on the world!

This plugin allows a WordPress blog to be served directly from static HTML files just like another popular blogging engine.

When this plugin was originally released some users noticed strange folders being created in the root folder of their blogs. I was never able to replicate it and despite my efforts to track down the bug it remained unfixed. Well, I fixed that bug thanks to whooami and to Jennifer who allowed me to login to her server and debug my script. Barry was astute enough to figure out why it happened.

Other changes include:

  • Compressed cache files are deleted properly now, props John Pozadzides.
  • Documentation got a serious update. I added a FAQ, and the Troubleshooting section has been expanded.
  • The .htaccess is not updated until the user clicks a button in the backend now.
  • The listing of cached files is gone for this release as it was inaccurate. It didn’t include super cached files.
  • The backend admin page has been rearranged slightly. Advanced features go at the very end, and if you’re only using the WP Cache functionality, the Super Cache items disappear. The mod_rewrite check and .htaccess items are only enabled if Super Cache is enabled now.
  • Not all blogs have permalinks ending in a slash so I added a slash back into the mod_rewrite rules. If you use .html at the end of your permalinks you’ll appreciate this. props Michael R Aulia for that.

One more thing to note. If your blog is visible at a URL with or without the www you should decide which one is more important to you and download the Enforce www preference plugin. Super cached files are stored in a directory named after the hostname so if you go to the www URL and someone else goes to the url without the www they won’t see the static html file. Deciding on one URL avoids any issues with duplicate content too which is probably much more important too.

Grab WP Super Cache 0.6 from the download page!