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What do the fans think of the FAI?

The fans weren’t too happy when the Republic of Ireland soccer team only narrowly beat San Marino on Wednesday night. They were expecting much more from the national team as can be seen from this video grabbed off (‘gratz to for getting on the news!):

So, what did they do? Take a look at the Wikipedia page for the Football Association of Ireland. Looks ok doesn’t it, except for the notice saying, “Editing of this article by unregistered or newly registered users is currently disabled.” Why is that? Someone vandalised the page, which is unfortunate but almost forgiveable. Check the history page for more details. Here’s what they wrote:

They are a really nice, intelligent, clever, stand up gang and not a bunch of Fucking useless cunts that should be taken out and shot. Everything that they touch turns to ash. wheither it’s the Eircom League, all the money that they blew after the 1990 & 1994 world Cups, the Building of Eircom Park, The Roy keane incident, The Sacking Of Brian Kerr after he did the best that he could right down to the Appiontment of a man without no managerial experience and who talks through his arse…Mr Steve Staunton! the organising body for the sport of association football (soccer) in the Republic of Ireland.