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Will the real Tubridy please stand up?

After this morning’s blogger interview with Ryan Tubridy it looks like the radio talk shot host is diving into Twitter with enthusiasm. Maybe! Listen to the interview here courtesy of @topgold. PS. Will has an easy way to verify that @ryantubridy is real: @ryantubridy @DamienMulley @RickOShea validity test. What socks […]


Skimming the web

The way I see it, there are three stages to web browsing: The web is new. You visit the blogs of friends and colleagues every day. You use Gmail or Yahoo mail and check in on your favourite sites a few times a day. It quickly becomes tiring visiting websites […]

Humour , When-in-Ireland

What do the fans think of the FAI?

The fans weren’t too happy when the Republic of Ireland soccer team only narrowly beat San Marino on Wednesday night. They were expecting much more from the national team as can be seen from this video grabbed off (‘gratz to for getting on the news!): So, what did […]

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