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Videojug – life explained on film

Videojug explains how to do the most common things in life but also a few things you may not have thought about such as passionate kissing and how to ask a woman on a date. How to be the perfect boyfriend is hilarious! In just over three minutes you too can have a blissfull relationship! Of course, for the girls, there’s how to be the perfect girlfriend too. Ladies, be sure to watch it! (via Ray D’Arcy’s show)

Besides the above videos, there are also more practical videos on changing a tire, how to unblock a toilet and where would we be without how to suck an egg into a bottle.

If that’s not enough, there’s also Expert Village. Phew.

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Apple Movies

The PC and the Mac – a love story

Here’s a cute animation. The love story of an office PC and a Mac!


There's a cat trapped in my monitor!!!

Aww, this cat is so cute! I had to view the swf file itself because Firefox only displayed a small portion of the movie so try that if the same happens to you!

EDIT: urls updated!


GIMP 2 in Video

Via the Gimp User mailing list, here’s some good tutorial videos showing off GIMP 2.0. I must really install GIMP 2.0 soon and play with it!

Humour Movies

Dirty Baby – requires Flash, t …

Dirty Baby – requires Flash, thanks Gearoid for the link. hehe.