Videojug – life explained on film

Videojug explains how to do the most common things in life but also a few things you may not have thought about such as passionate kissing and how to ask a woman on a date. How to be the perfect boyfriend is hilarious! In just over three minutes you too can have a blissfull relationship! Of course, for the girls, there’s how to be the perfect girlfriend too. Ladies, be sure to watch it! (via Ray D’Arcy’s show)

Besides the above videos, there are also more practical videos on changing a tire, how to unblock a toilet and where would we be without how to suck an egg into a bottle.

If that’s not enough, there’s also Expert Village. Phew.

Britney Spears could have done with this video on how to get out of a car without showing your nickers..

One thought on “Videojug – life explained on film

  1. Video jug used to be one of my favorite sites of all time. I even wanted to work for them when I changed careers again. I went on their site today and saw that all of their funny stuff is gone. So disappointing. So glad you posted this. It helped me remember the names of the videos. Any idea why they changed so much and if there is a way to see old videos

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