Idiots on the road on film

Gardai are investigating a video found on made by two lads from Cork. They made a video of themselves driving at 200km/h through the Jack Lynch Tunnel and then posted it on the Internet for all to see. I wonder who did they think would watch the video? Has the video made it outside Bebo yet? Apparently the Gardai have asked to take the video down so it could be gone for good. Pity, it could go down in Irish Internet Folklore.

While we’re waiting, here are two lads who decided to drive at speed through Dublin city center, at least until they passed an unmarked Garda car. (via Blogorrah)

The video might not be playing, but you can view it here still. Not sure why but it’ll probably right itself eventually. Note the comment from the driver:

deloford (2 months ago)
They stopped us because it was an english reg in dub& they thought the car was stolen by a couple of nackers, also you cant see clearly but it was v. bad driving in rain,nearly ran someone down,run red light,speeding in bus lane,a guy videoing it in the front seat which they saw.
Normal cops dont threaten to shoot you and if it was normal cops we’d ave been in the shit. He started to search and got a call.

And this comment was definitely not made by an Irish person, like,

Why is everyone using like at the end of every sentence what ever the fuck that means?!!!

3 thoughts on “Idiots on the road on film

  1. Hmm, the Youtube video seems to have disappeared. Oh well. I had hoped to get a capture of the front of the Evening Echo off but they never updated it yesterday. It has the report about the 200km/h drivers. I’ll just have to get the camera out tonight and take a shot of the paper and update this post then!

  2. I figured it out. Flock on my Macbook has stopped playing the videos. Dunno why, but it’s another nail in the coffin for the browser. I’ll really have to start using Firefox again.

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