Stormtroopers on the Subway

Enjoy Conor, I know you will! (via)

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Wednesday Links

Confusion reigns again. As promised yesterday, today is Wednesday’s Links! I really gotta get that plugin written so it’ll create these titles automatically. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US visitors!

  • Automattc Projects lists most of the commercial and GPLed projects Automattic has worked on. I’ll be looking at the secure admin plugin later. Should be useful for WordPress MU installs.
  • Lorelle reports on a new form of spamming and copyright theft called spinning. There are pay-for online services out there that generate nonsense content that search engines think is English, but is really fragments of content taken from other sites with words replaced to avoid the duplicate penalty. If you find someone scraping and stealing your content, you can get your own back on them. If they use Adsense, Daily Blog Tips recommends that you report them for copyright theft. Hopefully the thief will have their Adsense account suspended. Excellent idea.
  • George Barr has a great post on camera design. I love his opening paragraph.

    Someone sent me a joke the other day – one of those, “how come” type – one line of which was “how come they put a man on the moon before they put wheels on luggage?”

  • Preventing ad blindness from DBT again. Useful ideas if you have advertising on your blog.
  • Pop culture will eat itself – what a great capture!
  • Happy Blog Birthday to Dave. 10 years young!
  • Everyone eats right? Even the cloned Storm Troopers in Star Wars needed somewhere to sit down and eat. Here’s what happens when Darth Vadar wandered down to the canteen. Via Emmet.

    If you like that one, check out Darth’s hidden talent which I also got from Bifsniff.

Humour Movies

Boycott Star Wars, not Ewan McGregor

A recent comment urged the boycotting of Ewan McGregor on the grounds that he has insulted Star Wars fans. I don’t know what he did to make them mad but I think Star Wars should be boycotted on the premise that they were crap films and the sooner the whole merchandising juggernaut disappears the better. Even Grandad thinks they’re rather strange. How long is your lightsaber Grandad?

‘Course I’m probably alone in thinking this but I should start an online petiton. Who’ll sign?

PS. Only joking Conor, about the boycott part anyway!