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Everything I Do, I do It For You

Think back to what you were doing 16 years ago in 1991. Can’t remember? Surely you haven’t forgotten “Everything I Do, I do It For You” by Bryan Adam from the Robin Hood soundtrack already? It was number 1 in many countries all over the world for several weeks. It was played off the air in Ireland where it stayed in the number 1 position for 9 weeks if I recall correctly.

How do I know this? I know it was 1991 because a music channel played this song last night, and I remember it because I was working in a bookshop for a few weeks at the end of August that year. We used to have the radio on, and Larry Gogan’s “Number 1 at 1” slot played this song every single day. Thankfully my hatred for “Everything I Do” has been dulled with time, but the memory of sorting through Leaving Cert exam papers in a dusty attic accompanied by the rough voice of Mr Bryan Adam will never leave me ..

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The Killinaskully Halloween Episode

patshorttrobinhood.jpg zombie-5-shot.jpg If you missed the Halloween episode of Killinaskully find someone who has recorded it! We just watched it and I haven’t laughed as much in a long time!
It’s all because Dieter offered the local populace some new cheese he had. Nightmares were the hilarious result. Robin Hood was ridiculously funny, and it’s obvious the zombie dance got it’s inspiration from a certain Thrilling song!

Marvelous stuff by Pat Shortt and company. Check out the site above for video clips to give you a taste of what Killinaskully is like as well as the usual promotional gig and video stuff.