The Irish Digital Detox

Holly and Declan are a young couple addicted to 21st century technology. Writer and journalist Colm Tobin follows them to the island of Carnananánachán where they undergo a bizarre, back-to-basics digital detox. Could you survive a week without your phone or any access to the Internet?


Frank Kelly’s 12 Days of Christmas

Is it too late for Frank Kelly’s parody of 12 Days of Christmas? Frank was probably best known as Father Jack on the show Fr. Ted, but I came across him first on an old vinyl record of his stories. He also produced many comedy sketches such as this one: […]


Crime Busters

D’Unbelievables Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny pay homage to Garda Patrol. “Jez, you can’t do dat lads.” (via)

Ireland , tv

In The Name Of The Fada

You’ll already know about the Irish version of Jump Around by Des Bishop if you’re a regular reader here, but if you have missed previous episodes, please watch the last episode of “In The Name Of The Fada”. It’s on RTE 1 tonight at 10:15pm. Sky+ is set to record […]

Humour , tv

Who are the top 10 doctors at Sacred Heart: Dr. Jan Itor Dr. John Dorian Dr. Chris Turk Franklyn D Elliot Reid Nurse Espinosa Dr. Perry Cox Dr. Robert Kelso Dr. Todd Quinlan Dr. Doug Murphy Feel free to rate your favourite Scrubs doctor at There’s no way I’d […]

Humour , When-in-Ireland

The Killinaskully Halloween Episode

If you missed the Halloween episode of Killinaskully find someone who has recorded it! We just watched it and I haven’t laughed as much in a long time! It’s all because Dieter offered the local populace some new cheese he had. Nightmares were the hilarious result. Robin Hood was ridiculously […]

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