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Everything I Do, I do It For You

Think back to what you were doing 16 years ago in 1991. Can’t remember? Surely you haven’t forgotten “Everything I Do, I do It For You” by Bryan Adam from the Robin Hood soundtrack already? It was number 1 in many countries all over the world for several weeks. It was played off the air in Ireland where it stayed in the number 1 position for 9 weeks if I recall correctly.

How do I know this? I know it was 1991 because a music channel played this song last night, and I remember it because I was working in a bookshop for a few weeks at the end of August that year. We used to have the radio on, and Larry Gogan’s “Number 1 at 1” slot played this song every single day. Thankfully my hatred for “Everything I Do” has been dulled with time, but the memory of sorting through Leaving Cert exam papers in a dusty attic accompanied by the rough voice of Mr Bryan Adam will never leave me ..