“The story is online with others, not s…

“The story is online with others, not single player.” Above I’m paraphrasing something I read a while back but the truth of it was brought home to me after playing BfBC2 for a few hours last night after 3 games of Modern Warfare 2. This morning as I thought back […]


Ghosting through Modern Warfare 2

This video of ghosting almost persuaded me to pick up a knife and start a melee campaign on Modern Warfare 2 again. ONLYUSEmeBLADE gives lots of tips and advice for staying invisible on the battlefield. What sealed it for me was this melee guide on codnation. Pilot lists several different […]


I’m glad this nudity glitch in Heavy Ra…

I’m glad this nudity glitch in Heavy Rain is something that nobody’s found in Modern Warfare 2. ‘Course if you could somehow glitch it so that the annoying douchebag of the game would see the dangly bits of the other players that would be cool. It’d totally freak him out.


Extra game modes in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has extra game modes! Sort of! Gladiators This has to be my favorite .. and it’s customary to shout out ” I’M RUSSEL CROWE ” or “FIGHTIN’ ROUND THE WORLD” … How to play : Everybody equips riot shields and throwing knives , nobody is allowed use […]


MW2 Strategy for Estate TDM (FAMAS)

Geoff show some tactics for Estate TDM on Modern Warfare 2 that I used last night and worked fairly well. I had an interesting match as 99% of the time in Estate everyone seems to attack and defend in the large house but in this game 3 enemy holed up […]


31/5 on Rundown

My highest ever score in a Modern Warfare 2 TDM: 31 kills, 1 assist and 5 deaths. Played mostly defensively by occupying the middle building and defending with claymores. I didn’t camp, except when I knew a guy was coming. Ninja Pro helped a ton there.

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