5 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Heavy Metal

  1. heh, it’s called heavy metal for a reason, tons of armor and ways to get around. Wide open spaces for snipers and anti snipers, I had fun with my AT4 but damn if I can hit a chopper with it. Overall, I’m enjoying the much larger landscapes of the new maps while the spawn points are not too spread out.

    1. I only started using the AT4 yesterday. After the patch it’s supposed to be a little faster and more powerful AFAIR. Got a great vehicle kill with it last night but didn’t record it, it’ll have to stay in my head!

    2. Right there, played last night, FULL of snipers, only started getting kills when I started sniping myself. The other team had FOUR snipers permanently on the hill behind B. The map is so big its hard on anyone who likes close quarter kills as you can usually be seen from miles away.

      1. I tried playing SDM on it and it was all CQBs, but it was filled with engineers shooting rockets up each other’s butts when they weren’t aiming at the tank.

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